Entry for Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest Week 78

in pinkyandspiky •  26 days ago 

Hello friends, fans of Pinky and Spiky, or maybe just someone looking around, I don't know. I'm here like every week to show you the entry I was working on, I explain a little: this week's theme is Pinky and Spiky flying in an aerostatic balloon. Then I thought about it and said, would I like to travel in an aerostatic balloon? And of course, but I have never seen a place to do it and I imagine it is expensive. I don't really know how much it costs, but the idea of thinking about that seemed very good to me, and then maybe I just placed a somewhat high price but not exaggerated either and made my comic around this idea. What do you think about it? Spiky is very stingy? He tried to make Pinky happy anyway, isn't he adorable?


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