Pinky And Spiky: April Fools' Day

in pinkyandspiky •  3 months ago 

Hi Steemians and fans of Pinky and Spiky,

This is my entry to the Pinky and Spiky drawing contest. The theme is about April Fools'. Have you thought about wishing that someone tells you it is April Fools' just because you are experiencing a bad day? Well I did wished that before when I thought my issues are beyond being resolved. I am glad no one told me that because I had learned to face my own issues and searched for the right solution. Today I made a comics inspired by that thought. Spiky had invested heavily on cryptos and now that everyone is panicking and saying about the bubble, he wished that someone tells him this is a big joke on April fools. Hope you like it

crypto bubble pinkynspiky.jpeg

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Haha! Now the crypto world slowly recovers...