Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest Week 61: Carrying A Mattress + GiF Process

in pinkyandspiky •  3 months ago 

car 1.png

car 2.png

car 3.png

ITACHI 1.jpg

This drawing is my entry to @organduo and @laputis contest´s. For this drawing use watercolors and Chinese ink, hope you like it!

Este dibujo es mi entrada en el concurso de @organduo y @laputis. Para este dibujo usé acuarelas y tinta china, espero les guste!

ITACHI 1.jpg

Process / Proceso:

1 col

ITACHI 1.jpg

col 2

ITACHI 1.jpg

col 3

ITACHI 2.jpg

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Spiky obviously lacks intelligence, haha!