Blame It On Superman

in #pinkyandspiky2 months ago

Hello Pinky and Spiky fans,

I had to make this quick because the deadline is almost over. I could not think of the right idea on how to interpret the given theme for this week which is about memory lapse. I tried to think it through and I am glad the right idea came at the right time just before the deadline. The superman suit idea hit me just when I needed it most so here it is on Spiky wearing his underwear on top of his pants. He could not accept the fact that maybe he is already experiencing some memory lapses and blamed superman for his own doing. Hope you guys like the story and the comics. If you like it I invite you to come over to the contest post and cast your vote well it does not have to be my entry as you can choose three entries altogether. See you there. Search for #pinkyandspiky or check our contest hosts profile which I mentioned there names below.

This contest is brought to you by @organduo and @laputis. Kudos to you guys for sticking with the creative community and continuously providing activities like this one and the secrets of organ playing. More power to you both.