Pi Network Invitation Code: SOLOHKANN Update - by Invitation Code Only MinePi Mobile Mining

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So what's the big fuzz about Pi Network ?
Download the Free PI Network App Here Invitation Code: SOLOHKANN
They claim to be the first mobile mining crypto coin.
However Electroneum started in 2017 and also allows mobile mining. And so does Phoneum and few others. Is it really mining? No. The same as with Electroneum, mining Pi, does not consume resources from your mobile. However at every 24 h you have to check in by pressing the mining button or else the so called mining stops. Electroneum requires the same thing but on a weekly basis. So is it Minepi or Pi Network the first mobile mining crypto coin? Certainly not. However it has almost 1 million mining members called pioneers, ambassadors .... 1 milion ! In about 6 months time. Electroneum which started in 2007, has only 200k active miners. So what does Pi to attract so many miners? It only works on invitation. And the more you invite the more Pi are produced per hour. It seems that this worked as a great incentive for miners to invite more and more people to mine Pi. Think of it as each person invited represents a video card on your mining rig. No matter their marketing model, the guys at Minepi, did their job well. The network will have 1 million miners in less then a month and the Pi reward is halving again. The second time since it started. When the network reaches 10 milion members, the mining will stop, and the only way to obtain the Pi coin will be by buying it. By the way it evolves and grows the Pi Network, it looks to me like the new Bitcoin, that most of us are regretting not mining, back in 2009. So that's it. I've made a video about it. Please enjoy.

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