Hear ye: a short message from the High Priest of the Church of Piglet himself

in piglet •  7 months ago

Dearest flock,

Helpful as ever, the Church of Piglet has made a list of suggested titles for content we need more of on the Trending Page.

So, if you can't get any traction, if nobody reads your content, but you do want to make a contribution to the image of Steemit, you may want to use one of these:

  • Get your free Byteballs here!
  • Bitcoin will go to $10000 Real Soon Now!
  • Positive thinking solves all problems!
  • Taxation is theft!
  • Decenternet: we don't know what it is either!
  • All governments suck, but mine in particular!
  • Steemfest is here again! Guaranteed Steemians-only!
  • Socialism always leads to communism!
  • What a fine TA I have made! It has candles!
  • I took the red pill so I'm great!
  • Top ten coins copied from another site!
  • Our bidbot is the bestest! Don't curate, delegate!
  • I haz made best meme evah!
  • Ten tips for success everybody should read!
  • Don't look now, but blockchains are everywhere!
  • This photo may be blurry, but I made it myself!
  • HODLing is good, you really should!
  • Vaccination leads to autism! I'm proof!
  • The free market also solves all problems!
  • What I learned by taking a month off!
  • I got paid for going to a hotel and photographing myself!
  • Watch my DTube video, if you can!
  • This is what overpriced food looks like!
  • Steem is fantastically decentralised!
  • Interview with a famous Steemian who isn't me!
  • Banks will disappear because freedom! Yay!
  • The market is always right, but Steem is undervalued!

You may also have to buy votes to actually get onto the Trending Page, but at least now you know what people want to see, so you can contribute to the image of Steemit, and buying votes has somehow become perfectly acceptable and righteous anyway, so no problems there.

Best regards and happy to help,

The High Priest of the Church of Piglet, Holder of Truth, and Keeper of the Ivy Staff.

Image by Katharsisdrill

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Did you miss out 'This is what overpriced food looks like'?


Thank you. We will add that one forthwith.


I've delegated some SP so your vote has a little more effect. Enjoy


Blessings be upon you! We will try to put it to good use.

Lol. I think you got all the things on that list. The payouts on this post should moon!


We don't buy votes, and this is not a good way to become popular with the big wallets, so it won't, even though it should.

Lol, oh how I laughed at them all but I did get a particular chuckle from watch my dtube video, if you can! So many times I have tried and failed watching one!


Same here. We have given up trying.

Funny stuff :) I've seen you around flagging, yet I never thought to check out your page and see if you post or not. Following you now!

I detect sarcasm, oh piglet..


Moi? Never. Well, maybe sometimes.

Decenternet has capturing attention and coming to trending i guess..

that list was too long for me to read. :(


We are devastated to hear that. We will adjust the length of our next list to your attention span ;-).