Cancun My love, My City

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Living in Cancun has its benefits, for example when you wake up early in the morning and went out for a sprint and you can see this beauty.
But what it's really has got my attention is the fisherman's that they are start to do the labor for their family it was kind of a flash back that bring me toughts of the past and makes my realize that we use to be very rich; Back in time we only needed the sea a bout and our family, the rest of it, was God to given for that day.
Now i understand the only thing that i need to live its me, a boat... and the sea... The rest of it, is God's will.

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Wouldn't mind waking up and enjoying the sunrise and taking in the fresh air of the sea! ISomtimes the simple life is the one we need


True, the simple life if the onlything we need

Well said my friend! Cancun is a marvelous place, and hey, if you want to know people that has boats, then I can ask away. Have a beautiful day.


BEatyful day man!

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We have been freezing our butts off in Chicago....I'm very jealous.


Omg really?? I just ear about some thats try to fly to Chicago but he couldn't cause of the weather

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That was knircky. The weather has been crazy cold and then just moved to around freezing, but we have been dealing with freezing rain which is probably the most dangerous thing.


Here is the samething about the rain...

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Very beautiful city.
Because we here,
Our beach is full of pollution,
shore is not would to look fishing boats .

This view looks very lovely, good for a desktop wallpaper :)

I can't remember the last time I saw a sea or water body in general, it is very dry here :)

Have a great day buddy, enjoy!

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