Pick-A-Coin #241: 2018-09-06 FLO

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Soon there will be the Nobel prices again.
anybody interested in opening a steem bet pool for it?

Also, I had an interesting idea for EU4 Online Multiplayer.
A rolling server.
game speed is 10 years per hou, and one can join in hot seat sessions.
every 100 years a new session.
once the game hits 1821, the session resets and starts all over in 1444.
Not sure how this could be done technical, but it would be fun to have such an EU4 online server for hot seat multiplayer games:)

Or is this a stupid idea?
Or my description just bad?

Hmm, I am about to win my Trotsky game.
And will start a new German game, super easy, Colour the World.
Just for fun.
also, Dharma is out.
New EU4 game!
As vaj..vish Vijayanagar.
There we go.
France is World Champion, but I want to test the new game mechanics ;)


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At a total invest of 123 BTC

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