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Wisdom is a sweet gift from God.

Quietness does not always mean weakness. Peace sometimes does not come cheap.

Many a times, love is deception; saying it with the word of mouth does not always go with the disposition of the heart.
You know your friends not when you are at the peak of your carrier! Look back and see how many who are still standing with you when things are going the opposite way.

In all things, what matters most is how peaceful you are with your spirit. Do not let another man decide for you how happy you can be.

If you can afford it, do not fear death or those who threaten your life. Most times, what you are afraid of is also afraid of you. Only the Creator can determine the life span of the created and your worries can do little to nothing to influence this!!!

Find time to smile. If there is nothing to smile about, muster courage to smile at your challenges. You will be surprise how great the power of smile is.

Never regret an act of goodwill or love shown on others. Never expect a payback from such expression, otherwise you would have transacted a business.

When you are confused, just remain silent. You are more likely to hear a voice of wisdom at this state.

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