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La comunidad crece cada día y gran cantidad de autores demuestran su potencial aportando contenido valioso para todos los que amamos la imagen y la fotografía. Desde Phototalent queremos expresar, que nuestro principal objetivo es apoyar sin condiciones la mayor cantidad de usuarios, sin embargo, todo aquel que sienta el gusto de contribuir con un grano de arena o voto será bien recibido.

Cada publicación seleccionada por el equipo, recibe un voto con un valor aproximado de 0.30 SBD; Otro aspecto importante de nuestros reportes de curación, es que todas las recompensas van destinadas al incremento de SP. Si alguna persona considera que esta labor es no funcional o implica algún tipo de malentendido, su opinión será respetada para futuras curaciones. Gracias por su constante apoyo.

Phototalent es un proyecto de curación respaldado por Talent Club que cuenta con su apoyo para la selección de contenido de calidad en el ramo del arte y fotografía en Steemit.

Proyecto de curación de contenido visual realizado en colaboración por @sol25 y @oscarps.


The community grows every day and many authors show their potential by providing valuable content for all of us who love image and photography. From Phototalent we want to express that our main objective is to support unconditionally the largest number of users, although anyone who feels the pleasure of contributing with a grain of sand or vote will be well received.

Each publication selected by the team receives a vote with an approximate value of 0.30 SBD; Another important aspect of our cure reports is that all the rewards are destined to the increase of SP. If anyone feels that this work is not functional or involves some kind of misunderstanding, their opinion will be respected for future cures. Thank you for your constant support.

Phototalent is a healing project supported by Talent Club with support for the selection of quality content in the field of art and photography at Steemit.

Visual content curing project carried out in collaboration by @sol25 and @oscarps.

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Yellow 2019

Bright cheerful yellow to ring in the new year, saying it with wild flowers, swaying in the gentle breeze on hot summer days. Delightful to mind, body and soul, flowers bring such joy in vibrant yellow smiling at you with gentle petals, a face of beauty none could challenge. … by @joanstewart



Two streets on the Petrogradsky side

Petrogradsky side is the common name of the district of St. Petersburg, which is located on the Petrogradsky, Petrovsky, Zayachy, Aptekarsky, Krestovsky, Kamenny and Yelagin islands. The last three islands are sometimes called simply “Islands”… by @tatdt



Wonderful Creation of Nature

This photograph is telling the Incredible Creation of Nature in form of this beautiful flower. The photograph of this flower is taken During the Trip of valley of flower. Very Beautiful place and it is full of the Different type of flowers And Beautiful Hill's.… by @tussar11



New Year

Be peaceful and happy! To be controversial and good! Let the fields be full of wheat, gardens with fruits, flowers! And let's all be happy, and let's be a little better! The previous year is gone, and the new one with hopes donated us - to be much better, successful for our entire Bulgarian people. … by @jezzica



Day - 363 !!

This is Champagne my friends other Scottishfold cat brother to Peanut from the family of her eight Scottishfold and Persian cats. What is it with these cats and boxes lately… by @hangin



**Phototalent es un proyecto de curación para Talent Club que cuenta con su apoyo para la selección de contenido de calidad de arte y fotografía en Steemit.

Proyecto de curación de contenido visual realizado en colaboración por | Made in collaboration by @sol25 y @oscarps**

Un especial agradecimiento por el apoyo a este proyecto para:
A special thank you for supporting this project to:
@mrstrange, @carlagonz & @claudiaz





Here you can share your lovely photos and interact with a like-minded community / Aquí puedes compartir tus fotos encantadoras e interactuar con una comunidad de ideas afines.


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El club te da la bienvenida, cuenta actualmente con un total de 81 miembros oficiales distribuidos en 15 rangos de membresía distintos y un poder de voto de más de 60.000SP, con su propio trail.


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