Flooding a Threat to Minnesota and Wisconsin Border Cities

in photos •  last year  (edited)

On my recent trip to Stillwater, MN, I saw what appeared to be some minor flooding along the banks of the Saint Croix River (see photos). The high water levels were caused by our extraordinary amount of snowfall including 24 inches of snow just two weeks ago.

Every few years, the water rises to this level in Stillwater, and the businesses prepare accordingly. However, we are in a wet pattern and we are expecting potentially high amounts of rain next week. We are hoping the rain is moderate and beautiful river cities along the Minnesota/Wisconsin border will be okay.

With that said, it's been dry, warm, and sunny all week. Amazingly, while flood waters are flirting with disaster in the local river, fire danger now appears an approaching danger to the area as well.

Long story short: if we miss out on the rain, we'll have fires. If we have a lot rain, no fires but floods.

Here's hoping for a little moderation to the climate in the upper Midwest.

Source for information (photos below are owned by me): http://kstp.com/news/as-water-rises-riverfront-businesses-prepare-for-possible-flooding-/4885388/

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