I Love Nature Photocontest - Friday Air Pics -

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The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly!

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One of the thing I enjoy most of living in the countryside is the view. I can enjoy a view over the open fields every single day. There's no building to disturb my free view and one of the most amazing things of that view is that the sunset is every day right in front of my eyes.

In the first months that I lived here, I had to run outside every single day. Every day I grabbed my camera to photograph the sunset. But, how beautiful it is, you get used to it. And as time was passing by I still enjoyed the sunsets very much, but I didn't ran outside every time.

But sometimes, I look outside, and see a sunset so beautiful, so special ... and then yes, I still have to photograph that sunset. And this was one of the special sunsets. The colours were so extremely amazing that evening. And exactly at the right time the balloons came over. The moment I saw that ... I simply couldn't resist and had to take this photo.

CategoryI Love Nature - Air Pics
SettingsISO 200, f4.5, s 1/320
CameraNikon D300s
Lens70.0-300.0mm f4.5-f5.6
LocationHeeswijk-Dinther, North Brabant, The Netherlands

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Very beautiful...enjoying the view


Thank you ... appreciate your comment and support very much! I enjoyed it too although I often don't see the beauty anymore because I'm so used to it.

Congratulations! One of your previous entry last month to the Dailypetphotography was selected for the Month of Sep contest. The monthly contest closes on 8 Oct . Hurry up and come and vote for your favourite three pets of the month here !!