Project #PhotoGuides (4) | The Birding Paradise of Pong Dam

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Pong Dam is a man made reservoir in Himachal Pradesh that seems to have no end at all. Come winters and the wetlands of Pong Dam are flocked by thousands of migratory birds who fly down from the high lands of Central Asia in general and Serbia in specific to spend their winters here in the wetland.

From November to January, the Pong Wetland becomes a learning school for birding enthusiasts. It has been reported that over 20 thousand birds visited this area during last few years and the number is growing at a steady pace.

There are plenty of stay options around this place and one can actually explore the whole wetland region on a boat. Though it is advisable to spend at least two days in the wetland region to see the awesomeness of this man made wonder.

Pong Wetland in Summers - Receding Waters give way to agricultural land

Migratory Birds at Pong Dam

Pong Dam

If you are interested in more details, you can refer my detailed travel guide for Pong Dam Lake.

Close by are a series of seven temples that remain underwater during winters and come out during summers. But we will talk about them afterwards in another post.

LocationKangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh - India
Number of Days3-4days ex. Delhi, Motorable Road to the Wetland
Primary Trip AudienceBirding Enthusiasts, Photographers, Wildlife Enthusiasts.
Budget Range$150 - $250
Altitude400 Mtrs
Best Time to TravelSeptember to January

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