Walking along the historic street of the city - Darwin Street - 2

in photography •  last year 

House No. 4


Darwin, 4 - a two-story building (the former four-apartment house of the merchant of Moldavskiy, built by the architect A. Rzhepishevsky, I. Tenne, 1915), which now houses Privatbank.





The structure with a high ground floor, with expressive facade plastic, in the design of which combines elements of modernist style and classicism, at the beginning of the twentieth century was distinguished by a high level of comfort.


Until now, only some elements of the original interior have survived: the staircase and cast ceiling of some rooms.



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Wow this feels like its out of an old book :)

Many thanks! You have caught the mood of my story.

That's amazing, these place attracted to a travel freak person like me..

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it!

Great photos! Would love to visit that place :)

Thank you! I hope you will succeed!

Hi @zvezda51 I always like to your post, because always show good places and interesting to visit. Beautiful building.. looks like old city but luxurious and very classic.

Thank you! There will be a continuation of this story:)