Do you edit your photos?

in photography •  last year


I usually do not edit my photos they are as I made them. With street art it was alright, but with the recent ones, I started cutting them to look better.

I want to know if you manipulate your photos and which tools you use, and why. I haven't edited this one, it was made by Galaxy s7 and by me. I don't know if to edit or not? What do you think?

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hi @zoltanbristol, i usually use photoscape to graduate the contrast on some photos


I will check that out. Thanks.

I didn't used to, but I found sometimes spending a moment to touch up your photos takes it to another level. I use Adobe Photoshop Express

Nice pic, but would be even better with some small editions.


Like what?

it's wonderful ... No need to edit:)

You are already doing good! It doesn't need any editing. Keep it up!


Thank you.