Bulb's Eye View

in #photography4 years ago

I guess this is the view that the bulbs hanging on the Christmas tree have today! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.


Merry Christmas!

I once took a picture like that!

I found it a little bit difficult because, I did not have a tripod and the photo was a long exposure hahah. But I did it!!!

Haha great minds think alike!

Yeah, long exposure would make it a lot more difficult for sure. Keep up the good work! :)

Cool idea! Hope you’ve had a fantastic day, Merry Christmas!

Thanks! I sure did, and hope you did as well.

Innovative photography. Nice job. :)

Thanks! Appreciate it.

Woow good photo

Congratulations on being a very beautiful and high quality photograph <3 @yumyumseth happy New Year , Merry Christmasss <3

Thanks! Tell your cat I say "meow meow"

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Interesting photo! ;) I do photography too so if you have some time, check it out ;) Happy holidays to you! :D

Thanks! I gave you a follow and look forward to seeing your photography.

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Wow man, that reminds me of home alone! You certainly are terrific at photography! The only time I can manage to take a good photo is when I go somewhere beautiful! It makes me look like a half-way decent amateur photographer :)

Haha I like it! Thanks, I really appreciate that. Nothing wrong with using beautiful things in your pictures! :)

Merry Christmas! Nic click..!

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