PHOTOGRAPHY - POETRY : Where should I go?

in #photography6 years ago

POETRY : Where should I go?

Where should I go?
walk through a life full of mystery,
Oh, my God
Why is it getting dark this way,
Where should I try my fortune

My heart always asks,
on whom I must complain.
All went away from me
where do I step this foot
I do not understand either.

Oh God look
What has happened to me
I am very tired,
Oh God can I ask you
give hope to my step.

When I meet the meaning of happiness
Is there still happiness for me

Thank you for visiting my blog @yoes


The poem is truly incredible. I really like the noise on the photo; a really nice aesthetic is given to photos when they aren't full HD.

Thank you for visiting and attention to my post

Excellent photography

Thank you bro

You bring out the best in other people.

You should be proud of yourself.

We should not be proud of something that we have, if we are proud then we are one of those who can be considered arrogant, our lives need each other with one another.

gambar yang sangat indah kak @yoes. saleum sukses dari @marcosteem

Very beautiful animals, amazing photography

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