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POETRY : Looking for life

Time after time has passed
Where the foot of the path will go
The twists of life carve out history

Now it's time to take a self-portrait
Cleaning up from all ugliness
Improve all goodness
Morning has come

Now it's time to open the door of the heart
Forgive all the other people's mistakes to me
Accounts want to live in peace

By multiplying good deeds
To reach a good level of identity
The highest degree in the eyes of human

Hopefully with the contents of this poem can be a reflection for us all


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We tend to practice good deeds thinking that by doing so we are making a person's life better. Little do we know that the greater transformation that good acts promote happens in our own lives.

Being a good person is everyone's desire, a good person is a person who can bring good for the surrounding, for family, relatives, friends, friends and all around

We live in harmony with nature and the environment, there are different kinds of people with their individual characters. As human beings living in Indonesia who are famous for pluraalism, we value the differences more and always be kind to anyone.

One of the important lessons that society is known as a friendly society. It is also a characteristic of the Indonesian state where there is always a tolerance and caring attitude towards fellow human beings.

amazing photography @yoes, i like the way you take the picture, the quality of the picture is okay, i am pithy, success is always my friend, visit my account, I Likes to paint

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