Several centuries ago, people came up with an amazing way to stop time - photography. WHAT IS PHOTOGRAPHY?

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Being a photographer means much more than it seems. The photo is not at all like the profession of a dream, in which you do it all day and that you take pictures. It's quite a serious business that takes your whole life.

Everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and in order to succeed, you need to master many different skills. But we are sure that, despite all the difficulties, you will not trade it for any other profession.

Several centuries ago, people came up with an amazing way to stop time - photography. It is she who captures happy moments and beautiful places. A photographer as a magician is able not only to catch the right moment, but also to do it skillfully.


  • Amateur photography also brings success
  • Will have to become an entrepreneur
  • 90% of the time fussy
  • Prepare to work with complex customers
  • Success lies in the unity of style
  • Want success - learn patience

Amateur photography also brings success

When you first decide to devote yourself to photography, you will find that you have a lot to learn. But even if you start small, you can still achieve your goal and succeed in the most unexpected places. Many photographers begin by selling their work on photo frames and, in the end, reach professional heights.

Will have to become an entrepreneur

When the photographer's work enters the market, the author plays an important role in the development of his business. Yes, you are an artist, but in order to succeed in business, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of how to do business, otherwise you will not work long.

90% of the time fussy

In the continuation of the previous paragraph: sooner or later you will find that photographing directly takes 10% of the workflow. In the current competitive environment, we have to work more and devote more time to the corresponding tasks than to take pictures directly. It is necessary to understand the writing of texts, because you will need to write articles, prepare marketing materials and respond to customer requests. Also, skills of working with people are important.

Prepare to work with complex customers

This is the work of photographers: you will inevitably come across difficult, and sometimes completely unpleasant people. You get a lot of customers, so your work is partly related to communicating with different people. Although, if you work in the field of photography, you managed to bypass this stage!

Success lies in the unity of style

The author's style will help to stand out from the crowd. After all, your reputation and relevance will depend on it. Look at famous photographers - as a rule, their work is limited to one niche. To reach the peak of mastery, you need to decide on the genre and choose the niche in which you want to work, and then bring your own unique style.

Want success - learn patience

Success rarely comes in one day. You will succeed only if you are really passionate about work and committed, because you will have to be patient before reaping the fruits of your labor.

What distinguishes a professional photographer from an amateur?

This is a very complex problem, it can not be unequivocally answered. The fact is that today everyone can be a photographer. Some mistakenly perceive this profession as easy earnings. Therefore, among people who call themselves professionals, there are often those who make gross mistakes in their work.

At the same time in our country you can find lovers who can create masterpieces. They masterfully master the technical side of photography and are able to show ordinary things vivid and memorable.

In my opinion, it is much more important to be a photographer in the shower - this is the one who gives the whole business. He can spend hours looking for ideas for his work and must find them! He can see in the crowd of hasty people whom he wants, and, after making a series of paintings, will be very happy, even if the shooting is free.

A photographer at heart is an artist who sells what he writes and does not write what is sold ... It is important that such a person not only worked with the soul, but also sought this soul in others. I think that this photographer can be called a professional.

What is the use of society in the work of the photographer?

I think that there is nothing more touching than the joyful faces of moms who see in photos of their favorite children. If you shoot a young couple, then their happiness and love are always reflected in the photos. These frames are real, they are in no way comparable. When you look at such pictures, the heart immediately becomes warmer.

Why is the profession of the photographer so popular now?

I think that the popularity of this profession is explained by the fact that many do not quite understand what the photographer is doing. A person who has no idea of ​​the work of the photographer sees only the process of shooting and the finished photo. But the most important and long stage is image processing. Sometimes a photographer has to spend several sleepless nights to make the picture really beautiful, and it turned out that the client wants to see it. For him, a magic transformation of the photo outside the screen, so many do not guess how much time and effort it takes to work with the material.

Today, most "photographers" are people who buy equipment and do not know how to use it. But if I have a flute, I can not even make money on the transition until I learn to play beautifully!

The photo is really very affordable: I saved up some money, bought a soap box or DSLR, took a dozen or two pictures, and now you're a real photographer. To press the button, you do not need any knowledge, experience, power. Technology does everything by itself, and a person can no longer be distracted by such trifles as correct measurement, the desired shooting mode, etc. The main thing is the picture.

It's very simple - if you have a camera, then you are a photographer! Some exaggerate the definition, calling such people "the owners of digital mirrors", "the buttons of the master," but the essence of this does not change. Yes, there are many criteria that separate photographers from amateurs and professionals, but the simplest definition is a person photographing with a camera. Under the camera today are meant and mobile phones, and tablets, and conventional cameras.

Amateur photography can be exactly the same quality or even better. I'm on the move can call dozens of friends-amateur photographers, shooting many times more professionals. The difference is in the very form of work. A professional has no right to make mistakes, and an amateur can choose to shoot under the mood. The first makes a quality product and receives money for its work, and the second has more freedom for creativity. Unfortunately, being a professional and an amateur turns out very rarely and not at all.

I've always loved to travel. Of course, I wanted to capture everything new that I could see: unusual places, picturesque landscapes, interesting people, completely unlike us ... When all this fell under the sight of my lens, I experienced a storm of pleasant emotions. Probably, then I fell in love with photography.

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Nice post, very well articulated the complexities of adopting it as a profession.

Keep up the good work :)


hi) many thanks! I'm not a photographer, I like to draw, and since I need to take pictures of my drawings, I need to learn to photograph. although I still still draw the drawing :)))

beautiful piece of work,
you did excellent click with your camera.
I like all the photographs..


I'm very glad that you like it! many thanks!


You are most kindly welcome! 😄