Travel Pro Natural Wonders #28: Beauty of Koh Phangan Island, Thailand! Part Nine (8 photos)

What's your favorite spot in Thailand people have asked me over the years. I always say the Island of Koh Phangan; which is home to the famous full moon party and simply put, a well known party island! So people automatically assume I'm here to drink and chase girls; and sure over the years of me visiting I would be lying to say I haven't indulged in a little bit of that.

What really keeps me coming back to this island every year for the past five years is that it's just so damn perfectly beautiful in so many ways. It's an island of secret view points and hidden beaches. It's an island where you can watch the sun paint the sky twice a day from literally hundreds of stunning locations. It's a place where you can trek through the jungle and come out the other side to a beach so stunningly gorgeous it will be stained into your memory forever.

Koh Phagnan sports some forty beaches and each one is unique and beautiful in their own way. There are some beaches that resemble the white sands of Hawaii, some will remind you of the west coast of Florida, others can match the top beaches in the Caribbean. There are beaches that are hidden little gems, perfectly private as they are not on the map. Maybe just a few people know about them as they are as wide as your living room; hemmed in-between a couple boulders with a secret path leading to them.

Everyone who visits Koh Phagnan leaves having their favorite beach and mine is a sunrise beach on the north eastern corner of the island called Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach. More specifically I love the northern end of this beach where the Buddhist Monastery is. The sand is soft and powdery, the water is usually perfectly calm and crystal clear, you can see little tropical schools of fish swim by, as you lounge in a natural forming underwater, knee high rock garden. A truly amazing beach in so many ways.

On this island there are trails that lead to viewpoints that will take your breath away. Roads that go up over hills offering views of the 14 kilometer stretch of sea between you and the neighboring island of Koh Samui. In the far distance you can see the sunset behind a group of islands making up the Ang Thong National Marine park which offers even more natural beauty and world class snorkeling. Day trips from Koh Phangan are common.

I've been lucky enough to visit islands from the Galapagos to Bali, from Aruba to Hong Kong, from Ireland to Fukoka Japan, and simply put Koh Phangan is the most beautiful I have ever laid eyes on. Everyday exploring this island leads me to more natural wonders that reassure me that I'm in the right place. Now come along and lets have a look around together in this new Travel Pro Series, Natural Wonders: The Beauty of Koh Phagnan Island, Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

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the island is very beautiful, like the baths of the kings, the weather is very friendly, I like to enjoy this view, you have chosen a very beautiful place.

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