Real Life Captured #386: Hmong Tribal Village in Northern Thailand! Part Fourteen (9 photos)

Wow! What an interesting place! A Hmong Tribal Village about an hour outside of the Main Northern city in Thailand called Chiang Mai. This is where I've been stationed for a while since the whole covid thing. I have not been traveling like I used to, but I still love a good a day trip on a motorbike and I've been all over this area now.>

Lately I've been putting together photo blogs with two main titles "Places of Interest" and "Real Life Captured". Before I started editing these photos it was a no brainer, this Hmong Tribal Village is totally a "Place of Interest", but after editing the photos I decided to go with "Real Life Captured". What I saw and "captured" on my camera was some serious "Real Life" at it's best.

What you will see in this photo series are some very raw photos of people living like things have not changed for a very very long time. Maybe I should have just edited all these photos in black and white! Might have been more appropriate.

The Hmong people are clearly an agricultural based society, which means they work hard and live close to the land. They are making the best with what they have and that shows by some of the houses and structures they seem to have built in a traditional way. Then again, not sure if walls of used truck tires counts as traditional.

Some may argue that they don't have money, and they suffer because of it; but all I saw everywhere was people waving to me, smiling, kids laughing. Almost everyone looked happy, healthy, and content, especially the children. It looked like a peaceful place to be, a warm community, healthy in the mind and body. And you know what, maybe they do better financially than we think. I saw a whole lot of new looking pick up trucks parked under make-shift bamboo garages.

In this photo series we are going to see the people, the land, the way of life, plus a lot of smiling children as I seemed to arrive just as they were being let out of school. This is one special and unique place on the globe. Now come along and lets have a closer look at the Hmong Tribal Village in Northern Thailand!



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continue the journey friend, I am waiting for the next trip, the area is still experiencing community life here.

Thanks for the comment buddy! Travel is a bit slow these days, super slow! I'm sure you know why.

spirit friends, healthy always for you

nice trip to be able to travel around the world and see the development of the world thank you for sharing my friend

My pleasure. Thank you so much for following and supporting my blog! :)