Photos of the Barcelona Cathedral!

Wee are at the Barcelona Cathedral in the heart of downtown Barcelona Spain, formally known as The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. This Cathedral holds the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona. It's a Gothic cathedral and constructed between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries.

This Cathedral is much more than a place of warship, it's a popular attraction for visitors to this beautiful city on the coast of north eastern Spain. When I visited in the summer of 2019 it was free to enter, however there was a guard out front with a hand counter and turnstile keeping track of the amount of visitors coming and going. There were so many visitors that I had to get in a brief line to enter the building.

The inside of the Cathedral was very interesting as the center had a courtyard, geese, palm trees, and sun shining down onto it. Surrounding this courtyard were large pathways with recessed walls with religious exhibits and artifacts behind locked bars to keep them safe and stop people from entering. The overall feel of this Cathedral was indeed very Gothic, historic, and humbling. Now lets see if I was able to capture that is this Travel Pro Places of Interest series of the Barcelona Cathedral in Barcelona Spain!

Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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