Island Cooking: Homemade is Best!

I'm really proud of this series as all the dishes are made by yours truly. The first dish I'm particularly proud of because as a "farang" (foreigner) I can make a mean Thai style fried rice. The problem is when you go to most restaurants they often skimp on the meat and veggies and it's really a lot of rice and junk oil. When you're making it yourself you control what and how much goes into your dishes. No skimping here! And healthy coconut oil and less rice to bring it all together. Now come and see more of these homemade delights!

Thai Style Pork Fried Rice


Breakfast with coconut yogurt chia with fruit, local sour dough bread, omelet, and local mangosteen "The Queen of Fruit"


A try at a stir fry noodle dish. Tastes better than it looks!


Thai Scrambled Eggs with Sourdough Bread and Cream Cheese


Homemade Pizza!


Island Breakfast with sugar apple, chocolate muffin, fruit smoothy, and toasted cheese balls!


Thai Noodle Salad




Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!


All dishes you shared are mouth watering me, can't come over there to eat:))) I hope you are going to gifted me $2 to buy local dishes here at Bangalore
Thanks for sharing

Thanks buddy. Much appreciated. How about a full up-vote instead. Hope you are well and have a great day!

Yummy and resteemed :-)
Thank you very much for the 2 Steem.

I hope they are each worth 40k each some day! hahaha

Thanks for all you have done to support my blog , greatly appreciated :)

Hehe. Indeed that would be awesome
Ten bucks would be allready ok for me ;-)

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