Homemade Khao Soi!

As mentioned before all the dishes in this series were made myself, and this first one is extra special. Here on the island is a restaurant that specialized in Khao Soi, a northeastern curry soup noodle dish, that is very popular cause it's so darn tasty. It's in the curry paste; and Siri's Island Cafe is the place to actually buy the curry paste which she makes herself with all fresh ingredients. She'll sell you a jar; all you have to do is ask. From all my years in the kitchen, I've learned that no matter what, your food is only gonna be as good as your ingredients. Now come and have a look at what's been doin' in the Travel Pro kitchen!

Look at the color of that soup! Holy Smokes! Thank you Siri!


Home made calzone!


Roast Pork Leg


Homemade pizza


friend rice


glass noodle stirfry with vegitables and left over pork leg


Roast pork belly over rice with green curry in the background.




Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!


Damn. Without those scamdemic you could open a restaurant :-)
All looks really delicious.

Thanks bro! No more cooking for me these days. Just did 130kl on the back roads of Southern Thailand. Now staying at a nice place near the highest mountain range in this part of the country. As always, thanks for retsteems and support of my blog! :)

Wow! Mouth watering roast pork leg and other delicious dishes:) I hope you enjoyed the spice nonveg w/ moderate cocktail what else are required to spent youth age
Enjoy w/ joy bro....

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