Walk With Me Through The Rain - A Not So Sunny City Saturday

in photography •  5 months ago

A few unique things about these pictures:

I was working on a Saturday, so I got to photograph a more relaxed, weekend crowd.

It was raining, but it was the sort of vertical, low-wind rain that could be managed with umbrellas. So, there were a lot of umbrellas.

Low light conditions made for grainy photos. I generally set my shutter speed for 1/200th of a second and let the phone figure out the rest. Sometimes this means high ISO.

I've decided to stick with a Steemit friendly 17:10 aspect ratio for all the pictures. It makes for a unified-feeling post, and forces me to be a little creative with my cropping. Also, it kind of fits with the cozy-claustrophobic feeling of a rainy day.

Hope you enjoy them - and hope you had a great weekend. Did you have the opportunity to splash in any puddles?










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Camera divider and signature illustration by @atopy.

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No puddles here yet. But soon, I'm sure. That last woman is really sending out the stink-eye. Better be ready to scoot on outa there when push comes to brellie jabs.

That tourist family all bundled up for the rain is cute.


I thought that was an awfully sweet image, too. So much color and togetherness.

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Thank God we are finally getting rain. Something magical about the city in the rain.