She's a Lady, Not A Lamp-Post - More Bizarre Boston Courtship Behavior Revealed

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Is chivalry dead, in Chinatown?

Is this man proud of his height, and doing his best to lord it over his companion? Is this an effort to impress?

I had some time to think about this, as they maintained this position for an entire cycle of the crosswalk light at the Chinatown Gate.

Not only is he adding his own weight to her burden, he's making her carry lunch as well.


He thinks, Maybe that couple over there knows something I don't. When you put your burden on wheels, you can spend your time canoodling instead of asserting your dominance.

The black man can't believe it. Young romance, he thinks, shaking his head. Ain't nobody got time for that. And without waiting for the light, he crosses against the traffic.


"Okay, bye."


Which of these couples is going to last?

My money is on the Chinese. Women like tall men, and they like to be treated as objects.

I'm not generalizing here. I'm stereotyping. Because it's fun. And because it's allowed me to predict the behavior of my friends and family with 90% accuracy.

But I could be wrong about this couple. After all, I'm not Chinese.



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well my money is on the Black man ... but i like to be left alone 90% of the time.


What do you like the other 10 percent?


The idea of being alone.

glad I am tall. don't want a damn arm resting on my head!

The women of shorter stature in my circle of acquaintances would respond to being used as a crutch by applying sudden and extreme violent force to my person.

Great Post 😆