Love, Romance, and Courtship on the Park Bench - Six Sexy Scenarios!

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Springtime is here, and the parks are heating up in more ways than one!

When he's really in to you, but you're more into your coffee...

The leg says "maybe" but the eyes say "no."


This couple's been together a bit longer.

Clearly they know what they're doing.


A couple of sporty girls sharing a skateboard.

You can draw your own conclusions.


This guy is trying to double his odds.

Or maybe he's "negging" one of the ladies to impress the other. They both look rather skeptical. Think he has a chance?


Let's have a little mood music.

No bench? Sit on the curb. No audience? Perform for your phone.


This courtship business is really a lot of bother.

Some people just prefer to be left alone.



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Really cool Winston, I admire people who bravely take candid photos of strangers, I always feel so creepy doing it...don't want to get caught!


Haha, I know exactly how you feel.


It's easier doing it in a big city where everyone has their cameras and phones out all the time. Not to mention the "security" cameras that are watching us at every intersection and subway stop, too.

In a small town, people would probably react pretty badly to it, but it's almost expected in the city.


Oooh yeah I suppose if I had a phone it would be more incognito, I don't have one only my big assed canon lololol :)

I just love the first one. Winston, word of advice, coffee over a guy any day, so obviously :P
I like the second one as well, they look so happy!
Fourth image, nope. Not a chance. You're going home alone, bud.
Fifth one looks like an edgy band photoshoot, only, you know, less edgy.

As for the last one, I need that bench. :))


Thanks @honeydue! I really appreciate your female perspective on these!

There used to be a huge tree in the Public Gardens with limbs that went all the way to the ground where nobody could see into- it was almost like a cave. If I had a dollar for every little hippie chick I wooed under there...


That sounds equal parts romantic and creepy. I'm sure all kinds of shenanigans went on under that tree. I'm sure it's been trimmed up to be much more exposed today.

My mother was a hippie chick in the city back in the 60s, going to some fashion design college on Beacon St. She has crappy taste in men, though, so odds are you never met.

I love all these characters. I think they are the duplicates of a few people I know.

That middle guy in the band looks a bit like Keanu Reeves.

love these characters....the peoples are enjoying but you done hardwork


Thank you @mehakbhatti. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Creeping on Lyndsay's stuff and I found this. I really just love this. All the way. Send me more, I will make you pancakes with blueberries.

AHAHAH! I can imagine you going around like a little stalker spying strangers :)
Just kidding!? The first one is also my favourite.

Negging... what do you know. This time is obsessed with manipulation, just like the thirties. Still everybody seems to be so incredibly naive about it. Fake news is just a new word for propaganda, and no one seems to notice that people are most often manipulated when that was the direction they were going to take anyway.


You're right. Marketing and manipulation really are king these days. No one ever does something to do it well any more, to build something great or to be honest and sincere. It's all about how much attention you can get and what's going to maximize the psychological algorithms.



Very nice series. I am a bit shy about photo'ing people in public. Plus, I've had people get mad at me, even though it's totally legal. But legality has little to do when someone punches your nose. So, discretion is best. You seem to be having a lot of fun with this. And have great subjects in your area. Advantages of the Big City. Keep on shooting away.

and her beautiful hair shone in the warm rays of the sun. Very nice contribution.