Did I Just See Some Patriots?

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There was a huge sports rally and parade outside my shop in Boston yesterday

It was for our victorious Super Bowl American Football champions, the New England Patriots.


I wouldn't recognize an actual New England Patriots athlete if they hit me in the nuts with an ellipsoid of pigskin, but everyone around me was very excited to see these guys go by on one of Boston's iconic "Duck Boats."


There was even a helicopter there.


So tell me, did I just witness the passage of some genuine sports legends after their sixth or sixtieth or whatever-it-is championship?

Sports may not be my thing, and I often find myself tempted to make fun of them. But it's usually better not to yuck on another's yum, and anyway, this tremendously crowded day in the city turned out to be a great opportunity to get back into some candid photography. Everyone had smart-phones out, and I got a few hundred pictures on my commute and lunch break without anyone batting an eye.

Except for this girl. She was on to me.


More to follow when I have time to sort and edit. You may see a lot more football jerseys and questionable hats than you'd usually expect from me.




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Patriots in Bah Stun?


Well, I mean, I wasn't sure if those were the actual players or just tourists who paid to ride along with the parade. It was the only duck boat I caught a look at.

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I so wish Americans would stop calling that barbaric sport of theirs football. Football is the game decent people play and it does warrant such displays of affection for a team...
Here, in Europe, I wouldn't trust a guy who doesn't like football, but for you, as an American, I think it's a good thing! :)