Another Boston Character

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I haven't felt like writing fiction much, lately. It often feels like... what's the point? There's too much stuff going on in the world already to wrap my head around. How could I possibly compete with reality?

Here's another character I never could have "made up."


Never in a million years of telling stories would I have imagined such a woman, with her pearls and her blue plastic sunglasses, the silver sweatpants and Converse sneakers, and those red... beanbags? on her headphones.

Here she is, in full:


It is good to spend time in the world, I think. The people we meet remind us, like Hamlet, that

There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

So. Just what is her story, do you suppose?



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Camera divider and signature illustration by @atopy.

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You're not supposed to compete :P And while I do enjoy your photo series, I do also love your fiction, soooo <3
That being said, she really is an odd little character, huh?

Just what is her story, do you suppose?

i don't know, how bout you tell me? :D


You know, it's strange. My mind not be in the mode for fiction but I feel like my fingers want to type something up. I guess I just need to get started on something new. And it would be fun to fictionalize some of the people I've taken pictures of.

Did you check out "Orbits?" I put it up about a year ago. It's not too long - four chapters with links here.


Yes, do go for it <3 I'd love to see some new fiction. And no, I have not read this? <3 Thank you, but you're just buying yourself a bit of time :P
AAA this is the famous library series thing :O My mom told me about it, but I think I was very new to the Steemit world back then, so missed it. But it is remembered in this household as good fiction.


Dude, I got goosebumps reading it! I loved the story, particularly the ending. You know, I kept expecting something to happen, for the orbits to do something (like the characters), but I think this ending was way more satisfying...I really, really enjoyed this story.
Not to mention that it actually felt like I was there. Cliche compliment, I know, but it really did. I saw the people and the bookstore and the mall, even the parking lot :D And naturally, the planets.

Again, write. You've got what it a shame not to...

Thank you for sharing this with me! :)