The Lighthouse 💡 Golden Hour Photography

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

Good afternoon my fellow steemians!! 😄

Still about the zen'est place on earth (my previous post), but today I bring you one shot only.
This lighthouse is one of the two that signal the end of one of the Iberian Peninsula's biggest rivers, the "Rio Douro", that roughly translates to "The Golden River" (Porto, Portugal). It is actually one of my favourite objects to "shoot".
The second lighthouse of the pair is in the Douro's river south margin, in Vila Nova de Gaia! I really like how this shot turned out, I hope you do too!!


Make sure you click the image for full size!

As always, Have a nice day! 🙃


That photo is amazing! Congrats, @whynotas!

Thanks mate!! 😀 I also am a nominee in the qurator frday contest!! If you enjoy my pic please vote for me hehe
Cheers man! Thanks for passing by!

Great shot!!! Upped and followed. I'm a Photographer myself i would love to shoot that reigon!You can check my work @samsiedenstrang if u get a chance. Thanks for sharing. Steem on!

I think anyone that enjoys a little photography would absolutely love this scenery!! You should visit mate hehe
Thanks for the kind words!

Maybe someday I do have big plans for Steemit coming up soon be sure to follow. will be doing some traveling and even promoting of Steemit,Dtube and Dlive! Live streaming Photoshop and Photography Q&A join in if that would be something you find interesting!

I believe in steem it! And I believe it has potencial to be one of the top social networks outthere!! As a new steemian I agree with you, and will follow/support any upcomming project that you might have!! Positive propaganda is what steemit needs!
ps. waiting for updates!

That’s an amazing shot!

Thanks you @damira!!
Cheers 😄

Fantastic light! :)
By the way.. I love lighthouses

Thanks man!! :)
I do to. This is one of my fav things to shoot, as I said!! 😄

I love e ve r y t h i n g in this photograph! The light, the composition, the capture, the fact that was taken in Porto!

Really appreciate the kind words @agniese!!! Porto <3
Cheers mate :)

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Wow thats your Best photo, is amazing this photo