My First B&W Photography For Steemit.

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Doing work in Steemit going to be interested every day. At the Beginning, I post some text of mine and some other info related and only from a few days ago I started to post my paintings in Steemit.

So now it's time to add an another feature of mine in steemit today. Today I gonna post my first Black and White photography only in steemit. I took this photo few years at HAVANA, CUBA. And after this long days, I think this is the best time to post this in steemit.

1. B&W 1.png

Shooting this scene from above rather than at ground level has produced a far more interesting image. Taking it involved hanging over a precarious balcony from the floor above.

Camera Used - Canon EOS 5D MKIII
Lens Used - 50mm lens, 1/100secat f/3.5, ISO 1600

2.B&W 2.png

I noticed this huge old flyover while wandering along the Malecon in Havana. Shooting from beneath it with an ultra-wide lens produced a dramatic perspective while exposing several frames then merging them with HDR software allowed me to record the fantasticpatterns in the weathered concrete.

Camera Used - Canon EOS 5D MKIII
Lens Used - 17-40mm lens at 127mm, various exposures at f/13, ISO 100

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pretty cool!

Amazing !!!