Beautiful Swiss Mountain Picture #2 ^^

in photography •  2 years ago 


Made this foto in the swiss mountain with my friend and myself^^, feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestion and have a nice day! :D

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cool pic :)

thanks dawg :D

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thanks sure done too :D

Beautiful pic.
I'm mountains lover

thanks me too^^

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very good picture

thanks dawg :D

Uh. Really close :)

hahaaha yeah pretty much

nice one :)

thanks dawg^^

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nice piture ..

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thanks my friend by you welcome.

thanks dawg you too :D

Thanks for giving to the steemians a little part of our wonderful nature :-)

Thank you very much for the cind words @charleselie :D

Thanks for sharing ,

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You have some skills in photo. You can sell your photography:

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Cool pic man! Thanks for the sbd :D

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Thanks @monicaeqj :D

Nice pic's in your blog! I followed you, looking forward to see more awesome stuff in the future :)

wow thank you so much for the kind words :D

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God bless your photo skillz @vlone99

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epic. i have never thought of taking a photo of a cow would be this beautiful. you really have skills

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Your pictures are awesome!

nice :)

Thank you very much @fatfat09^^