Keeping my lines straight #4 | A Wall Lamp

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Another one adds to my album “Keeping my lines straight”. This is the fourth image to the album.


Yesterday, I with my friends went to an amazing restaurant named Gulabi Nagri(in English means Pink City). The whole place was lit in pink colour and it had very beautifully designed interiors. The place was very big and filled with well designed interior products. It was my first time visiting there and I didn’t expect this much. The food was also good and delicious. It was a perfect dinner with complimentary paan shots in the end. I will be sharing more pictures of this place in the future.

This one is a wall lamp and the best thing that like of this photo and the lamp is the interesting pattern in which the light is emitting out of the lamp. Do you also like it? Let me know in the comments below.

Shot on iPhone SE
Location: Gulabi Nagri, Jaipur
Date: 18th August, 2018

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