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Today, we are in NE Washington.
We got up in Republic, then wandered up to Curlew and eventually to Danville where my friends live.

Republic is a very quiet town, but has many colorful and western-style buildings which are worth looking at in their own right.

Here are some pictures of the town of Republic.




Photos taken by myself in August 2019 with my Pentax K30.

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I love Republic actually. I have actually been there. My kids even did an Easter Egg hunt when they were little. I had 2 aunts that lived in Keller. (Opposite direction from which you went) On of them was actually the postmaster for Keller and the Mayor LOL. I think one of my cousins still live there. It is absolutely beautiful there. Anytime someone mentioned Washington that is what I pictured.

That's really cool!
My kids did the Easter Egg hunt three years ago and really enjoyed it.
Do you pay attention to the fires then? There's one on the south side of the reservation this year. But we're having good rain right now (almost all night), so hopefully it will help in fire-fighting efforts. We're off to Colville in awhile, then down to Spokane.

I have been 'listening' about the fires but not really paying attention. I hope the rains helped. So much beauty and resources in that area.

I heard of Colville, I don't actually remember 'visiting' there. My aunts moved to Spokane years ago and cousins galore there. The aunt I have mentioned in chat, the one in the nursing facility, she's in Spokane.

Glad that despite why you're there it's a good trip.

That looks like something that comes straight out of a movie :)

Thanks! It would make a great movie setting - though I shudder to think of what kind of movie that might be.

What a sweet little town! I'm glad you got past Seattle intact!

Yeah, we were keen to skip Seattle completely this time, so the ferry was an obvious choice - and much more fun anyway.

That looks like a quiet and sweet little town. Nice photos!

Thank you! Yes, it's quite - too quiet in some ways. I wanted to go to a favorite local pizzeria only to find out they were only open Mon through Fri!


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Looks like a quiet town indeed

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