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Yesterday when I watched my son glide-fly I shot some other photo's as well of course. It's funny to see the size of Airport Teuge (very small) but the busyness on the airport is great, a lot of planes where landing and leaving, the glide-fly club was practicing and the Para-club was jumping above Teuge.

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The KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) has a training center for beginning pilots on Teuge, the pilots can fly with small Cesna planes.

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Of course my focus was on the glide-flyers :)

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Looking at this photo it looks like if the parachutist is walking in the air, but it is a tandem-jump which means two people actually are hanging in the shute and the passenger has to pull his legs up for landing :)

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The plane which is about to land is the para-plane, it carries (when leaving) the parachutist and drops them above Teuge.

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A glider being pulled into the sky by cord.

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Almost ready for release.

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This is a special plane, it is a glider from the beginning of the fifties. In stead of sitting behind each other and being covered by a glass roof you sit next to each other and in open wind. Later on my son told me the plane was property of one of the teachers and that all students went on a flight with it. It fly's a lot slower than modern planes and that way it alsmost looks like it is hangning still in the air.

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Touchdown :)

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That's the thing with gliders, because they have nog landing gear other then a frontwheel, when the are landed they turn to one side automaticly.

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This is a awesome picture of one of the students preparing for landing..

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A take of, in 2 seconds the speed is about 160 km per hour.

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I always am excited being on a airplane, although I have never flew one myself...It's still a secret dream for me :) Therefore I am so happy for my son that he is in the position to actually follow his dreams ...

Have a great weekend,


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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

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Thank you very much !! Appreciate it :)

Een vriend van mij woonde vroeger vlak naast een (sport)vliegveld waar ook veel zwever de lucht ingingen (en ook landen natuurlijk). En als ze met de kabel omhooggetrokken werden hoorde je steeds de wind fluiten langs die lijn. Ik kon me alleen maar inbeelden hoe het zou zijn als je in de cockpit zou zitten. Best beangstigend denk ik (vooral de eerste keren) kabel begint te trekken...en onmiddellijk zit je onder een hoek waarbij je niet meer kan zien wat er voor je is...allerlei fluitende en rommelende geluiden tot je die kabel lost...en plots is daar die relatieve stilte (vergeleken met de vorige seconden) en dan kan het genieten beginnen (voor mij pure fantasie, maar ik denk wel dat ik er niet ver af zit)

My dad used to go to the airport and take pictures all the time. He has always been fascinated with planes and flying. Unfortunately, you can't really do that anymore. If you head over there with a camera they assume you are a terrorist or something and they run you off.

Ow really ? Here in Holland it is still possible, even at the bigger airports like Schiphol. They have special Spotter places where all the plane fanatics gather and take pictures :)


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I had a glider lesson for my 40th birthday and a small plane one for my 50th. It's cool to try these things, but I am not so bothered about doing it all the time.

Wow those are some cool presents for a birthday. Would love to try it too some time. I don't know if flying all the time will be that exiting on the long term, but as far as for my son... He already want's to become a pilot from age 4, and he is 15 now... So he is quiet determined :)

A friend did the whole pilot's licence thing, but did not keep up his flying afterwards. It is an expensive hobby. I know a couple of Steemians who are into para-gliding. That is probably a cheaper way to fly. Saw loads of people doing it last time we were skiing. They can just take the cable car up the mountain.

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It is indeed a expensive hobby. They told us for your private pilot license (when you already have it) you have to fly at least 12 hours a year to keep it. Some pilots do that by flying for little companies with sight-seiing flights. They get their flight hours and the company has a cheap pilot :). We saw para-gliders to indeed when we were skiing, awesome thing to see and the can stay in the air for a long time too..

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