Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #520 'Red Candles'

in photography •  21 days ago

'Red Candles'

Many red candles mixed with a few of different colour. This composition of many same shapes reminds me of countless souls that visited this realm and passed on. I forgot to post this one on All Saints Day but it's never too late. :)

Enjoy! :)

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For me, red has long ago become an apprehensive colour, and even more so if it is so massive (in addition to my inclination towards matt and soft colours). I stay with those yellow and blue candles that stand out in the bewildering red. Candles are one of my favorite objects, but I prefer them less uniform. Happy 2019!

nice picture

Intense photo ... When I saw it in small I thought it was a heart made with candles. It really is not like that, but with imagination not only a heart forms, perhaps there are many hearts floating in each light. @velimir cordial greetings

A poem by the Venezuelan poet Eugenio Montejo says: "A man lasts less than a candle". It is the association of the fleeting nature of the two flames, but the permanence of the two lights: that of the man and that of the candle. There are certain cultures in which red candles are lit in rituals or ceremonies to call love and physical strength. So it's okay to publish them on January 2. May there be plenty of good feelings in this 2019, @velimir! Cheers!

Your emotive perspective on this photographic composition is a lovely concept.