Gambel's Quail

in #photographylast year (edited)

Was about to get breakfast going this morning and heard what I thought was a whining dog. I looked out the van and saw the culprits walking by. As far as I could tell there were three of them. I grabbed the camera and followed them around a little.

Quail on rock overlooking a patch of flowers

Two quails on top of a rocky hill


Amazing! Birds aren't easy to photograph, esp. quick runnin' little quail, always dartin' toward the underbrush.

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Haha, that's exactly what they were doing. Got lucky.

Beautiful birds! And those are some great shots.

Thanks, it was a nice surprise. I like the little feather on their heads.

Oh wow - we just get bobwhites around here. I've never seen the ones with the fancy hats in person.

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