Phantom3 Drone Photography - Lake Littoinen

in photography •  last year

Panorama view of the Littoinen lake near Turku. I used Phantom 3 drone to shoot it from above to get to see how clean and turquoise it actually is.


Here is the story short what happened with the lake, and why is is so clean and turquoise now:

A couple of weeks ago in order to clean up the suffering, soupy and oxygen-depleted Liittoinen Lake in southwestern Finland, workers sprayed several tanker truckloads of polyaluminum chloride onto it.

*During the process, the chemical is applied to the lake's surface and as it slowly sinks to the bottom, it swiftly reduces the amount of phosphorous.

The cleaning worked; Liitoinen Lake is now looks crystal clear and will remain chemically balanced for years to come. The cleaning process, however, isn't pain-free, as the treatment can kill fish living in the water.

In this case a very small number of fish died, which was taken into consideration.

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