SunThursday as Tag on Steemit - Sunrise Germany

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

Not sure I can create an own tag here on Steemit but I like frequent photography challenges - what about we have SunThursday theme every Thursday where people can post their great photography including our marvellous Sun, not like mine which is rather Amateur Style. Give me your Sunset and Sunrise photos.

I would love to see more great shoots from real Photographers. This shot was made by me near Stuttgart on a very early morning.

Image of Sunrise

What do you think guys?


sunset pics are some of my fav upped and followed feel free to check out my pics!! steemon!! (:

Great, thanks mate - I will check your stuff!

You can create any tag you like. Just need to get people to use it. I'll do a post with an old photo

Glad to hear and thanks @steevc - will then start some promo for the tag so people enjoy and use if they like! I am getting more used to this platform today :-)

Three posts already :) I think there are some similar themes on here, but it's not something I do so much. Happy to help you get something started.

I think the difference to other platforms, a nice photo is not guarantee for earnings, i like that honestly! @steevc

Nice shot!

Thanks so much @daveks

nice, the problem i have is im always driving when its a sunset or a sunrise i need two more arms

I do have exactly the same issue normally - this one was short when driving early morning on a German Autobahn and the scene was so awesome I had to do a break to shoot