A Stunning Purple Tree In The Sun

in photography •  7 months ago

A unique experience it is to wander into a new space on a hot day to find a canopy of pure purple to be covering the square ahead.

Light reflecting from the sun's natural shade baths all around with a peaceful, tranquil vibration that feels friendly and unobtrusive. :)

This is a tree that we found near the center of Lagos, Portugal - I'm not sure what kind it is, but we need more of them!

lagos center - purple tree

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This is definately a special and unique kind of tree, the purple leaves from the tree looks really beautiful and colorful. It portrays a kind of calmness and add a beautiful covering over the surrounding environment @ura-soul

Certainly a rare tree that I don't really get to see. It is a nice sight indeed! Upvoted!

rarely seen this type of tree with colour @ura-soul :)

It's a jacarandá. They are native to south america.
You can see them blossom in Buenos Aires' streets on september.

Purple color came quite beautifully .Do you live in lagos?


No, I was just visiting for a few days :)

Very beautiful

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