What happens when a Rock Climber Goes Snow Shoeing? 📷

in #photography2 years ago

Well, when I come across an awesome climbing tree in the wilderness, I often find myself scurrying up its limbs for a higher view. I love climbing tree, always did. But what happens when your out and you and your buddy are both rock climbers, you have snow shoes on and ice axes in hand? This is what happens.

Tree climbing with ice axe and snow shoes. What could be more fun??

Haha, we thought it made some pretty funny pictures and the climbing as I mentioned at the top, climbing trees is just fun, how can it not be made more fun with and ice axe right?

Nice clear skies for some tree time messing around... LOL


Guess its time to get back on the hike, time to come down outta the tree.

Trees are awesome, I highly recommend you get outside and find one to climb. Just maybe not with snowshoes on. lol

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