The Highest Trees for A Hammock Lunch in the Rockies

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This was a really cool day in the mountains. Clear skies, warm sun but tons of new snow on a nice traverse horse shoe ridge I've hiked before. My goal. Seek out and find the highest trees in all the area and hammock in them!

Mission achieved, that is one of the highest hammock spots I've done, and it certainly was in these kind of conditions. It was just a stop for lunch however, no overnighting up here.

The way up had some of the craziest trees and wind like you wouldn't believe shaping them.

And the views were stunning. Some of the rock areas were tricky with all the snow, it was easy to fall in a crack and loose an ankle, so some careful stepping here.

Awesome panoramas, this one of one of my favorite mountains I've done a backpacking trip to on the other side, Mount Holy Cross.

From the summit of this day hike, Junction Hill, which is not a hill at all, but a full on mountain traverse, just surrounded by larger beasts.

This photo is the snowy summit and me done below, in the sweetest hammock spot I've had in the higher ridges the only couple trees to reach, not over the cliffs. Was on comfortable lunch rest for sure.

More great panorama views on the way out.

Can't get enough of that hammock view.

And finally, the lower forest areas on the last area while heading out. We got cliffed out after this point and had to go back up some to find a safe way down, adding an hour to our day, making us a bit annoyed and much more tired than we wanted, but hey, that comes with the territory when you explore areas without any kind of actual trail. Well worth it in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, comment and follow if you want to see more.

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Such a greatest snow white photography @unipsycho. Totally gonna be awesome.
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Wondeful images i like it 😍😍 the snow it make me in a great feeling especially when i was with my girlfriend 😍
thank you for sharing @unipsycho
Happy day


Wow beautifuland amazing
Wow shOts
I want tO be there

Great pictures
Trees and snow-covered mountains have a nice view
Thank you for sharing these photos
I wish you a pleasant travel

very nice photography.....
.........just awesome photography
place is really good....
thnx for sharing this post with us

the pictures are so beautifull!
I love the pics
have an amazing adventure

thanks so much, I'm glad you liked em, these were definitely an adventure. :)

great pictures. thanks for sharing.

my pleasure, thanks for the comment

Good article and nice pics. Lovely nature...

very perfect and very cool photos.
how do you mengambl photos as beautiful as that,
how and what is the secret?

Thanks so much. No secret, just tons of time practicing and being out in the woods to learn what works in my photos. I've taken over 10,000 photos out there, I'm bound to get some good ones right? HAHA. Actually, landscape photos take some time to learn, but I really love doing the panorama style and once stitched together, I think these collections can really turn out well!

wow it is very interesting

I love the view of the mountains and it's my dream to go hiking with friends someday. Great post! I really liked it.

oooohh, make it happen, well worth it and you've never forget the experience

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Really nice photos and nature @unipsycho. Inspiring. In two weeks I'll be hiking in Patagonia. My only wish is to survive it physically :-). I hope that I've got same beautiful pictures as you have here.

God is this amazing. How long did you hike? This is shurely the highest hammock spot I've ever seen! Wonderful photos.

great images i love it
this is my first time that I see your post and now i'm following you
have a good day my dear @unipsycho

i'm getting this message.

any fix coming soon?

I need to update the settings and websockets in use, you are right, I've been away travelling, so didn't get it updated right away. I'll be trying to get to it this weekend. Thanks.

thanks for letting me know 👍
looking forward to seeing your stuff work again!

well, turns out I'm not sure how to fix it just yet. I've tried to update the latest steemjs libraries to use the new websocket stream, but no go, so still not sure what is wrong. Appreciate it if anyone knows?

someone to ask might be @money-dreamer that has been doing a lot of work developing tutorials for various steem dev things, and has dealt with this problem recently I think, possibly in a few different ways. He is pretty active and could probably help.

also you should complain here: because this kind of pulling the rug out from under people is lame. I hope it isn't too much trouble to solve because autosteem is an amazing tool!

Alright, its back! Autosteem that is.
Back up and running. sorry for the delay in fixing it and replying. I was away travelling.

Will be exciting to have that working again!

Back up and running. sorry for the delay in fixing it and replying. I was away travelling.

You need to stop having so much fun and do boring things like fixing bugs. LOL!

Beautiful pictures. Well done!

Wow this is crazy! I mean I went crazy by watching this amazing hiking experience! Wonderful photography friend! This is unbelievable!


amazing & impressive. happy new year too @unipsycho

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@unipsycho - Sir it's nice to see you back... This is a collection of stunning photography... Nice you decided to share it Sir...


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I am staying in the plateau but i don't like going for hiking.
After seeing this post,i will start hiking.
Take some beautiful pictures and share.
Plateau, Nigeria is a very nice place to hike according to my friends.
Thanks for sharing

Great views and stunning photos. What a spot for a hammock.

Nice pecture

Thanks for the post, I'm interested. Follow you =)

Mountains is favourite place.This mountains looking so beautiful.
Nice picture from you.

Absolutely fantastic captures you shared. I know you're really nature lover. I have seen before you shared most of snow mountains, lakes, trees etc... capture. Thank you!

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Such a picturesque view!
The snow, the green trees, the blue sky...
And I especially like the hammock :D

Hello @unipsycho I enjoy seeing your posts. They remind me to get out into the mountains as soon as the weather warms up a bit.

I have a question about your autosteem application.. I used it just once and I found it to be a very good tool for curating and voting. Recently, though, I receive this error.

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I keep checking back but after about 7 days of checking, I decided to ask about it.

Thanks for the chat tonight on steemchat trumanity and for helping me verify autosteem is back and functioning again. Kudoos!!! :)

Hey, it is I who has to thank you! You really do a lot for the platform. It was great to speak to someone like you in chat. We need more and more people with such good intentions and vision like yourself.
Anytime you need someone to test anything, I am a chat notice away - on steemitchat or discord as trumanity

that's an amazing view! I would love to travel somewhere like that!

Hey there, How do I fix this? Found no other way of contacting you...

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Autosteem 1.4, Chrome latest, OSX latest...

These are fantastic photos! I was just researching the Rockies for a cross country motorcycle ride I'm doing next summer. I'm considering skipping the Rockies, and doing San Isabel national forest & San Juan national forest on my way to Monument Valley Utah. After seeing these images I'm not sure I want to skip the Rockies now.

Have any suggestions on traveling through Colorado? I'm planning on spending a few days in the state and trying to decide the best routes & scenery for motorcycle travel.

nice Bro @unipsycho

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it! And thanks for sharing these images, the landscape is so gorgeous, the work of the photographer seems effortless.

These are truly stunning!

How do you format that markup so that the user can click on the image to get a larger view?

BTW: Thanks for the upvote!

Congratulations, @unipsycho, you really had a spectacular views.

Great nature, i like it, looks like in switzerland.

Wow, this is an amazing journey! I wish I had learned of it sooner, following you to see more!

I give you a vote too

Hi. I am new to steem and trying to learn quickly. In my exploration to find and understand an Auto community I discovered yours...Very happy when I find fellow Albertans on Steemit!

Awesome photos!