Summer Hikes - Midnight Peak, Kananaskis 📷

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A great peak on the front range, just surrounded by awesome rock traverses, you can go so many routes to and from here, a great peak to hike.

I've hiked it in late season as well with a TON of snow on it, but makes a few sections tougher to approach.

I have always enjoyed hiking up the NON direct routes and use the traverse ridges to arrive or exit, not just the boring boulder approach so many others take.

These traverses just call back to me to head on out for a longer adventure.

See, this one is calling, haha. Some great distant traverses here.

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beautiful mountain vistas! Hey has anyone alerted you yet that you are on @spaminator 's blacklist currently, most likely you are either the victim of a hack yourself or you have a vote trail set up to follow another user who has been hacked. Go check out spaminator's page for more info, there is a massive ongoing hack that is affecting hundreds of accounts.

thanks for the heads up on this. no idea yet how to change my keys to guard against this but I'll look into it and find out. Thanks.

Good luck dude! I just walked another user through this so I happened to have this comment ready to paste RE changing keys
OK as far as changing your keys, go to your steemitwallet and click on the change password:

You will have to put your current owner/master password in and then click to generate new password. Record the new password offline safely in a notepad file or password manager, etc. Then paste in the new password again to confirm that you have it recorded where I drew the arrow. Once you have done that, you will have changed to a NEW master/owner password. This means all your previous lower permission keys (active / posting keys) will no longer work. Once you have the NEW master/owner password, then click on the "keys & permissions" link and use your new master/owner password to generate new active and posting keys. You will have to re-enter the new posting key into to log in once you have done this. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers :)

Right on, thanks mate, got it done.

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Semua petualang memang meiliki Jiwa pertuangan .

Wow those are pretty great cover photos! Nice ones!


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