Powderface Ridge - Short Early Winter Hike 📷

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Only had a morning to get out for a quick hike earlier this winter, so I grabbed my hammock and some food for an early lunch and headed out to the rockies!

Some awesome skies as we started out and warm sun.

A rocky ridge gives us a good route up with too deep of snow.

A stop for lunch in our hammocks provides a great comfortable stop up on the high ridge.


A good spot to chill. But time to head out, as storms are rolling in and the skies are turning black over the next range.


A simple set of photos, I didn't get any photos on the summit as the winds were over 150km/h gusty and it was literally blowing my across the top rocks while crouched down on all fours, so no way to get the camera out for any photos. We got outta there fast and heading down. Still a good short hike!

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What a great photography of your wonderful hiking experience!


Thanks the guru, you are the guru of commenting, thanks for always checking out and stopping by with me on my adventures!

Nice pics. The Rockies are very majestic. Looks fun. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks and yup, the rockies sure are. Can't ever get enough of them. :)

wow cool, very beautiful amazing, thanks for sharing my friends @unipsycho

My pleasure, glad I can share some photos from these adventures!

Thanks for sharing these great moments with us!

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your @mynaturebody 🌱

thanks so much, I'm happy to share when I can.


Awesome, two thumbs up. But wait, two left hands?? HAHA lol.

Wow.. beautiful photography my friend..
I like hiking too.. I know how it feel when complete the journey.. I'm sure you had a great time my friend...

Thanks achi, you are very right. It can be real tough hiking sometimes, but the journey is wonderful and great experiences!

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A hammock and nature, I do the same when I am in North Queensland, but the scenery is opposite. The forest and snow would make a refreshing change from the beaches and jungle, I'll would love to see it someday.

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Hi @unipsycho, I have set up @askanything to upvote all questions using the tag #asa on autosteem, but it does not work ! what did I do wrong ?
Congratulations for the nice nature pictures too.