Mountains in the Mist - Eerie Photography 📷

in photography •  4 days ago 

It's very weird to be on the edge of a 500' shear cliff and everything is so thickly laid in with fog, that it is completely silent on the mountain. Usually you hear the wind, birds or cars miles away, but the fox muffles it completely.

Got some really neat photos on this mountain in the thick fog.


Climbing buddy, shows how steep the front face of this mountain is. A great hike though, even in the the clouds.

A steep but luckly very short descent part of the long traverse. We just dissapear in the fog.

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Nice where is this looks stunning 💯🐒

Mount Yamnaska, kananaskis, Canada.

Nice never been Canada always been on my list. Was going to emigrate back in 2005 ish but didn't happen in the end 💯🐒

Sangat menegangkan..

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That is a dramatic spot!

Thanks Carl, its one of few mountains I've hiked many times because of that appeal!

beautifull place❤️

Thank you solaiman, it sure if that.

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