Hiking to Dyson Ice Falls and Green Mountain 📷

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Got to enjoy a fun day on what we thought would be an easy day of hiking/snowshoeing, but it turned out to be farther than expect, deeper snow than expected and harder elevation than expected. Despite all that, we had a fun day in the wilderness.

So, this was just before the winter gates closed the highway due to snow, so it won't reopen till April now. However, we got to get to a new unexplored area and check out the scenery.

Here you can see the little falls, which we did some simple ice climbing at with my hammock screwed into the ice to relax in. SWEET!

Note: Click any images to view large versions!


I have to say, I'm always looking for new and unique places to hang my hammock and enjoy a few minutes and this was a pretty cool spot (pun indended!). :)

So, with some time to wait for each other to climb the ice, the hammock was perfect companion. haha

The water was visibly flowing under the ice, so there was pretty limited 'safe' ice to climb on but just enough for my buddy to try out some new ice gear and enough time to still get out on the rest of our hike.

My feet and view, and although I couldn't belayed from this hammock station, no belay was neccessary for such a short waterfall. Just a few anchors was good enough.

Once back out, we headed up to Green Mountain summit and enjoyed the long views of the front range and the snow topped peaks.

Lots of steep rocks to climb and view from at a spot, called, "The Castle" which would certainly be better to be at in the summer lying in the sun, then the windy cold winter kicking in.

Heading down, you cna see a nice ridge of rock on the summit of Green Mountain, which we had a fire and hot lunch just down in some fo the rock outcroppings. it was still windy and cold though, but the fire helped and I sure can't complain about a hot meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes and yorkshires. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it, totally forget our fingers were freezing without the fire nearby from the wind.

So, we headed down a new gully to hopefully shortcut the return home and started hiking through the forest down below, getting an odd feeling animals in the area. Thankfully, they had all scattered already when we came across this large wolf kill, of which looks like a moose, as it was BIG.

There were packed down tracks and wolf dinner spots spread all around and everything was still fresh, not even frozen so the wolves must have still been in the the area but keeping distance from us humans. At this point, we picked up our pace, as we didn't need to be in that area any longer with dusk only an hour away.

From there we headed out, crossed pass the waterfall once again back on the rest of the return trail. Another change for a panorama photo and homeward bound from there.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, story and panoramas, its been quite a while since I was able to post and have had many other great adventures to write about since as well!

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Wow, amazing photography and adventure. Watch out for them wolves.

Thanks mate, as much as I'd love to see wolves in the wild, I definitely DO NOT want to encounter them at a kill site.!

@unipsycho sir...
Such a wonderful and interesting photograpy collection...
I'm realy like this post...
Realy fun and enjoy...
Wel done sir...

thanks dini1, I'm glad you liked it, was a my pleasure to share some photos.

Nice pictures. I am so so jealous!!

Thanks @unipsycho for sharing the post with all of us

 Hiking to Dyson Ice Falls and Green Mountain

Wow !! Seems like an adventurous day you had there lots of interesting views and some Breathtaking ones for sure !!! 

Must have been an incredible experience that you will cherish for life.

From climbing the ice to enjoying in the  hammock  you did everything and lived every moment with joy and adventurous feeling.... The temperature look's freezing cold out there have fun but also take care along with it and i don't think i need to say that the pictures were awesome as they are way beyond amazing level it was Just WOW Feeling

Thanks again for sharing 

have a great day ahead


thanks so much mkmohit, very nice thoughts and comment, it was a great (among many for me) to cherish in the mountains and I'm always so appreciative to be able to do so. Take care yourself!

Great to see your scenic update today!! A great adventure was had! Thanks a ton for getting AutoSteem back online a few days ago.

You are very welcome, and I am very glad to have autosteem running again as well. I missed it for all my keyword news and photo viewing, nice to have that back running.

amazing photos.
AND your stuff seems to be working again. i love it 👍

thanks a lot, and yes, Autosteem is back operational. Sorry for the delay!

np man. at one point i thought you gave up! thanks for putting it back up.

Frozen waterfalls and amazing photography of your wonderful hiking! I feel crazy as always! Awesome!


thanks the guru, its been awhile but great to share some photos again.

Great Shots!
Definitely a good idea to leave before sundown.
Thanks for sharing this awesome post and steem on :)

ya, it was eerie enough in that area, at night, it'd likely be terrifying.

The Ice climbing and hiking must be cold-numbing. I'm not even sure if I can survive being out that long. ^^

I enjoyed the view and the photos and it feels like I'm traveling with you. :)

That's cool, (see what I did there) glad you enjoy coming along for these adventures, from your warm screen. I'll bear the cold for the both of us then!

Great camera clicks under the snow condition. Amazing looks indeed. Nice fun there.

thanks kingsberry, appreciate the comment on the captures!

So beautiful.I expect one day I will go there.It is also the beauty of nature.
Your photographic skill is so well.
thanks @ unipsycho.
@Resteem,follow & upvote has done.

very kind, thanks hhimaira, I sure enjoy capturing these trips with my photographs, glad you enjoyed em!

I am very happy that from a day you thought would be difficult, you will take advantage of nature to understand that it is the wisest, it gives us everything we need to relax.

so true. even a VERY hard day in the woods is a fullfilling and rejeuvinating one. Despite making the muscles tender, :) haha.

Good post @unipsycho

I did enjoy the post and photos. Stay safe man. I saw you checked out my review of the movie HOSTILES and it brought me here. Following!

Ya thanks man for visiting and the comment. I do browse what I can, but hard to catch everyone who visits, so thanks for saying hello! I try to follow back as many as I can check out their blogs and like as well.

amazing pict bro @unipsycho follow me @omjacknews


Fantastic hike and images.

Don't really get this kinda wild here in Europe ~ well, especially not in the UK.

Keep safe and enjoy.


I certainly am fortunately to have these awesome rocky mountains within a hour.

Yes!!! I remember those frozen winters in Chicago I spend walking across frozen quarries lakes without a fear that the ice would crack. I remember frozen waterfalls and the excitement I had. I remember camping in a tent with a fire outside and waking up freezing in my sleeping bag and Eddie Bauer coat. Thirty years later now when my bones feel the cold right through me I don't regret those days at all. What a glorious way to spend the day but hiking through the icy wonders of nature.

Great comment @mineopoly, love your story of memories that are similar. Great times!

OMG, what amazin adventure, I haven't meet snow but I'm I'll try do that. Thanks for sharing

right on, I've been with a couple people that 'met' snow for the first time in person and it was halarious. They thought it would all be soft and fluffy and ran into a giant ice pile that was hard like rock. Fresh snow is soft, but not old snow pack and crusty laters. take care when you 'meet' it. LOL

Oh goooosh, thanks for the advice

Nice shot...especiall the ice and rock..........

Excellent mountains! Enjoy traveling

That's very cool 🖒

I like nature. Realy amazing realistic photography display. Thank you for vote.
Here is my vote for your post.

wow just wow! the photography are great!
just can't imagine life out there...so hot in my country Philippines

incredible scenery with mountain clear clean water mountain and unique trees @ unipsycho very rare fhoto her

Hi! Thanks for upvoting my post! I follow you. ; )

thank unipsy cho

Best wishes I say to you .... @unipsycho
Sorry, instead I do not give any refutation to your post ...
This is what I have to say to you, actually I have been following you and I really hope for you to be able to petrify my post. Actually this makes me so embarrassed, but what can be said I am very sad with the post that there is no change to vote ..
I look forward to your attention @unipsycho

Hi vonnaputra, not understanding what you mean even in the slightest, sorry? embarrassed, sad, petrify? huh?

great view👌👍, If you like nsfw posts and beauty of human body🔥👌 follow my steem blog ❤, and support me with your upvotes and comments.❤

Nice photography.

wow beautiful you have a challenging hobby. I post also my mountain trekking a while ago. cheers my friend. :)

Great trails. As a side note, I've been using your voting bot and it is very good. Is there any way to vote for a specific user. I went over all the options and I didn't see one but I'm still new to the program and I don't know if I missed it. Thanks.

Awesome photos!!! :0

Bro these pics from that location are incredible...in fact,

all I could think about after seeing that warm scattered carcass was Liam Neeson in "The Grey."

awesome pics!

great post.. i enjoy it..

really amazing, i love to see your upload

Love these adventures, gave you follow @unipsycho