Hiking - Rocky Mountain Panoramas - Photoset 📷

in photography •  21 days ago 

While I wish I could hike everyday to these great mountains, life needs a few other things. At least I can capture some photos of these place to still enjoy each day. These panoramas add to my huge collection, I hope you like em!

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Good spot for lunch, depite the wind parachuting my hammock!

Love the skies like these casting shadows over the landscape.

That's the long ridge we have to traverse, my buddy heading out at the far left. It seems to go forever.

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Awesome views! Really nice panoramas, you can get a better perspective on the views.

Also loved the photo with the hammock :D

Ah cool, I love having a hammock out there, so always carry one to relax in at lunch.

beauty, great shots

thanks for the comment, appreciated

Great work, keep it up!

I certainly will, so many places to explore and photograph!