Sunday Relaxday / Pazar günü dinlenmesi

in photography •  3 years ago 

What is better than an ice cold beer with some nuts when you lying on hammock at beach?
Happy Sunday
[Tr]Sahilde denize karşı uzanmışken içilen buz gibi bir bira ve kuruyemişten daha iyi ne olabilirki?
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Cool post. Thank you for sharing. Upvoted and followed. Please follow back and check me out @starsteem when you have a chance. I will be doing a giveaway post in the next day or so, dont miss out. Cheers


Wow. That looks like heaven on Earth.

iyi dinlenmeler bizim buralarda hava kapalı :)

Looks amazing mate! Is this in Turkey?
Enjoy your day and greetings from Hamburg!
Followed ;-)

Close to Turkey. Cyprus. Thanks anyway. Followed too!

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