Dancing : A Reflection at the Laundromat

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3 1:2 load scale.jpg

I think this means that the clothes washers in this section will hold 3 and ½ ‘loads’ of laundry, but honestly, I find it cryptic and ominous.

Our clothes dryer has been broken for nine thousand million days, and the repair people are coming SOON! every time I call. So it was time to bite the proverbial bullet and take my youngest two children with me to the laundromat. I don’t know about y’all, but the laundromat is one of the most desperate places I have ever been to. No one wants to be there, it’s often hot and humid and crowded. But you gotta do what you gotta do, amirite?

Off we went. Sigh.

Quarter Slots for Kids

quarter slots for kids scale.jpg

Thank god they allow gambling for children. I mean, it’s kinda gambling. Anyway, they love it like they’re winning, so I vote they are allowed to win. Don’t be so controlling, Meredith.

Soap Jug

soap jug scale.jpg

Such yellow. Much large.

Racist Bullshit

bienvenidos scale.jpg

According to my source, this sign reads as follows,

“Welcome! Thanks for choosing our services.

Attention! Attention!

You are responsible for your own safety and for your property.

-Please check the machines before using them

-Please don't let kids to play or get on the cars/trolleys

-Please don't sit on the tables or machines.

In the case of a machine malfunctioning, please fill out a form.



‘Why is that racist, B?’ you may ask. Well, darlings… it’s the only sign written completely in Spanish in this whole place, and there is no English equivalent. Not. Fucking. Cool.


Extra, EXTRA Large

xxl washers scale.jpg

So like, us larger "washers" have to be in our own room? WTF? I hate this place.

Further Repression

enslaved scale.jpg

This bench weighs approximately eleventy thousand pounds. The chain seems a little unnecessary but hey… who knows how many super heavy stone benches they’ve already lost, you know?

My Territory, Marked

our stuffs scale.jpg

MY Dryers. A Study in Black and White


I was trying to catch the cool colors in my favorite flannel as it spun in the dryer and happily did. I also caught The Me (my six year old) dancing in the reflection behind me. Which exemplifies how one can find beauty and wonder wherever we are, even in a lousy laundromat.

reflection scale.jpg

Until later... be like The Me. Dance, dance desperately.

xo, @bethalea

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The translation of the sign is....... of course....accurate. What the hell were you expecting lol? seems like going to the laundromat was quite an adventure for your kids. Where is my winners' post grrr.


my kids have fun no matter where they are! i think it's awesome. ;)

congrats on your win!!



Tyy loveeeee, no bad beats today!!!

Wow ! extraordinary photography


you are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit,

Lol, omg, this was hilarious. Great post. I totally agree with you the bullshit about the larger washers. However, on the sign in Spanish...you live in L.A. B...you should know Spanish. I used to visit a friend in Laredo, TX. A US city, and all the business spoke in Spanish first. I was shocked first time. Now yes, they were able to speak English once they realized you were a gringo. But my point is, if you live in Laredo (really anywhere in TX) you should know Spanish. Okay, critique over. Love the post. I see @ats-david is much inspirerererer.


hey now! I kinda knew what it said but wanted to make sure is all! I speak Spanish, and my little kids are totally bilingual and biliterate, so I've got that going for me ;)

I will give my influencer, @ats-david, an appropriate percentage of my earnings from this post, SOON. I love him, he's ats-mazing!


hahahaa, EXACTLY.

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great quality post. nice work.

There is something relaxing about the laundry mat. The kids probably didn't notice the signs in Spanish only. I guess the laundry mat people of the world think that only Spanish speaking individuals don't have washers and dryers at home. Lol!