The Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea, Jordan 🇯🇴

Single most epic and funny place we have been to.

So it went like this... we were making fun of the classic tourist pictures and thought that The Dead Sea is not that special and its healing power is overrated as well as its saltiness. Oh we were so wrong and we had a blast! Starting from getting into the water and pretending that we are Jesus and finishing with all the bruises that burned like hell. INSANELY COOL. We got all mudded (you don’t want to see those pictures) and got salt in our eyes so we had to wash our faces with rotten egg sulphur water. Gotta do what you gotta do. Can a day get any cooler? Well we got into a waterpark that was opened just for us and didn’t pay the 30$ entrance, because we knew a local.

Morale? Visit the Dead Sea, it is a super cool experience and get a rejuvenating mud bath, baby skin guaranteed. Also, if you visit Jordan, let us know, we’ll put you through a dear friend of ours who can arrange some cool things for you!❤️

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Wow the view is looking really beautiful !

Really love your Jordan series, wanted to go already but now even more, nice post on Petra to

That beautiful!

Your travel experiences are amazing.
Hope you come to Nigeria some day. There are cool places to visit here.

Beautiful photo...Ahaha I had a feel of deja vu but that was on your insta! I love the pinky color and would love to experience the dead sea...not so much the sting on bruises and open wounds lol

wwwwwwooooooo beautiful photo! I need to be there